How to Answer the Top 5 Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview is critical if you want to land a job. You want to appear confident and provide the right information to the interviewer to make a great impression. Knowing some of the more common interview questions and how to answer them can give you confidence going into the interview.

Here are five of the most common interview questions and the way to answer each:

Question #1: Tell me a bit about yourself.

This question is not the time to summarize your resume for the interviewer. The interviewer can get that information off your resume.

The interviewer wants to get to know who you are as a person, what defines your values, what makes you tick, and how you approach your work. It is a question that allows you to give the interviewer an introduction into the person you are, beyond the resume.

Question #2: Tell me about your experience at company X.

Again, this is not just a summary of a part of your resume. The interviewer already has an idea of what you did at company X.

The interviewer wants to glean how your experience will make you a good fit for the job for which you are interviewing. When answering this question, bring up specific examples of things you did and how you made things successful. It is also a time to acknowledge the differences you know exist between company X and this prospective employer, and how you can bridge the gap.

Question #3: How would people who have worked with you describe you?

The job interview is the chance the interviewer has to see how well your personality would fit the team. That is just as important as the skills you would bring to the job.

The interviewer wants to see how well you work with others and how you manage your work relationships. Provide examples of how you work with people at different levels and in different situations. This is not the time to fudge the truth since your references may tell a different story.

Question #4: What is your biggest weakness?

A much dreaded question, but one you need to answer truthfully, but strategically. You also need to address the way you handle this weakness in a business setting.

You need to show the interviewer that you are self-aware, thoughtful, and proactive. You should identify the weakness. Then you need to explain why it is your weakness and how you address it proactively in the workplace.

Question #5: Why are you the best person for this position?

This is your chance to identify why you are the person the interviewer should hire. Again, it is not the time to summarize your resume.

What makes you different from the next person the interviewer is going to talk to? Highlight what makes you the best fit for the job. The job description will help you craft your answer. Tie them into your skill set and work qualities that set you apart.

Grab a friend and practice these questions a few times. Try to keep your answer on point and concise, while providing the interviewer with the information he or she wants to hear.

Is there another question that you frequently hear or use in interviews?  Let us know what it is, and why it’s one of your favourites.