A Recap of 2019: Two Major HR Trends to Continue in 2020

Times have changed so much since the beginning of our last decade. Once upon a time, brands only had to worry about selling their products. But in the age when consumers altogether are more socially-connected and -conscious, research showed that 71% of people expect businesses to also commit to social issues relating to the environment, human rights, and gender.

Most of us are familiar with recent movements like #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #ClimateChange. Perhaps hitching a ride on current social affairs can give you an opportunity to improve your corporate social responsibility. Here are two major trends that are likely to continue this 2020.

Fight Climate Change by Going Paperless

With environmental activist Greta Thunberg taking the title as TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year, topics on climate change are set to appear in conversations more frequently to the extent of business and political talks. Known for its heavy paperwork-load, tackling the HR industry is plausibly the best place to start. Now that technology has penetrated through most dominant work sectors, continuous developments in pre-employment tools and ATS systems have allowed employers to enjoy a more efficient and faster-running hiring process – all performed without the use of a single sheet of paper. Saving trees and lowering CO2 emissions are only two of the many benefits of going paperless, but hey – that’s already a good-enough reason, don’t you think?

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Continuing Your Diversity and Inclusion Practices

Diversity has been in the talks for years now. In the workforce especially, 67% of job seekers said a diverse workplace is important when considering job offers. Today’s employers are required to look beyond traditional recruitment practices in order to attract quality candidates – that includes enforcing fair wages, ensuring a work environment free of discrimination, offering fringe benefits, etc. The ability to take bias out of the equation is what defines a company’s success. And to millennials these days, that’s exactly what they look for.

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Swinging into a new decade, it’s time for us to let go of old practices and adopt new ones more relevant to current affairs. As they say, “system change, not climate change!”