How To Motivate Teams Through Inspiration

There are many ways to motivate a team, and successful companies are good at finding out and implementing what motivates their staff.

Not only will a motivated team produce better results, but they are much happier in doing so. As a result, a motivated team will reduce employee turnover and create a much better company culture.

From higher salaries to better benefits, increased flexibility to longer breaks, there are multiple ways to motivate individuals and teams. While these tactics may motivate staff to a degree, they won’t truly motivate them to go above and beyond.

How can a leader motivate staff to reach their fullest potential? By inspiring them.

People may work harder for rewards and appreciate benefits; however, in order to truly flourish, they need to feel inspired.

Here are a few ways that leaders may inspire staff to reach their fullest potential.

Encourage Individuality

Although there is a certain degree of protocol to follow in every company, individuals need to feel that they have room to be themselves. While a strong team rapport is important, true innovation appears when employees feel encouraged to speak their minds and have their own ideas. Independence is extremely motivational, and it encourages people to go above and beyond.

Hire Potential

Doing a psychometric assessment during pre-hire testing will ensure that individuals are best suited for their roles. Indeed, these tests measures an individual’s mental capabilities and behavioural style, and therefore determine who makes a natural fit for a role. It is much easier to inspire an employee who has a natural aptitude for what they are doing.

While it may be tempting to someone based on a resume or a first impression, a career personality test provides a better indication of how well someone will perform. What’s more, a Retail Fit or Prevue Screen assessment may be done in a matter of minutes, allowing employers to select the ideal candidate efficiently.

Create A Sense of Purpose

Successful companies ensure that their employees understand why they are there. Rather than simply setting targets or goals, they have a vision. When staff are able to connect what they are doing with a bigger picture, they’ll tend to go even further. In addition, employees may find themselves coming up with innovative ways to reach goals. While it is important to have small, achievable goals each day, a team should have an idea of how these tasks connect to a grander purpose.