No Work Experience? Why This Candidate May Be Your Ideal Hire

Work experience is important, and many roles require candidates with a great deal of it in a specific field.

With that being said, the case for hiring potential is just as, if not more, important.

Employers need to look at the complete picture when deciding on a potential hire, and that picture extends well beyond experience.

There are a number of reasons why hiring a candidate without industry-specific experience is the best choice.

Many Types of Experience

While an individual may not have experience in a given field, they likely have significant life experience. Many roles call for skills that are developed throughout life, and therefore it is difficult to assess whether someone has them based on work experience alone. In addition, some life experiences strengthen interpersonal skills, and these skills are vital in a team atmosphere. Whether they gain these experiences through their family life, travel, or volunteering, they contribute to developing skills that determine success.

Promising Personality

There’s no shortage of examples that support the significance of personality in the workplace. Even if someone has a great deal of experience in a given field, they simply may not suit a particular role. Experience doesn’t explain why people choose their careers, or how much they enjoy them. Doing a psychometric assessment will determine if a personality truly suits a role. Prevue’s psychometric tests measure an individual’s general mental abilities, interests and motivations and their personality, and therefore provide a much clearer picture of how well they will perform.

The Bigger Picture

Although it is easy to focus on a new hire’s first months, it is crucial to think of their long-term employment. Indeed, doing so will not only reduce employee turnover, but it also prevents employers from writing off candidates with a high degree of potential. While they may need additional training in the beginning, they may be a better fit in the long run. What’s more, on the job training is a highly sought after benefit in the workforce, and therefore attracts more talent. It also allows companies to curtail training to their specific environment, which is often a potent strategy for success.

Ignites Innovation

When people have a great deal of experience, they don’t ask as many questions. While endless questions may slow things down, some questions actually stimulate the workplace environment. The most simple question of all is just one word – why. When staff start going through the motions, or feel extremely confident in what they do, they may stop questioning why they do things a certain way. As a result, they may feel less inclined to make changes or look for alternative approaches. Conversely, watching how an inexperienced candidate learns may spark important discussion in the office.