Recruiting Year Round

yellow blue funnel” by M&R Glasgow – used under CC BY 2.0 / re-sized from original

Why You Should Be Recruiting Year Round

While the hiring process remains fairly similar, the job market has changed. There are numerous ways to advertise for available positions, but less skilled workers to recruit. Social media has become an essential part of the hiring process. However, even with technology to make things easier, we are busier than ever. Most businesses have limited time to engage in the fast-paced sphere of technology to utilize it to its full capacity.

With this type of market, capable individuals—who fit well with your company—can be hard to find. But, you want to hire the right people, right? You want to hire the best person for the job.

So What’s The Solution?

What if you looked at recruiting differently? The system of posting a position for 30 days and choosing the best applicant from that month, doesn’t provide enough time for the message to penetrate social media or other online channels to attract enough people.

If you want to see what talent is out there, consider advertising the job, 90 days before the start date. This provides a bigger window of opportunity.

It’s like a funnel. The bigger the top of the funnel (the more time you allow), the larger the pool of people to choose from. The end of the funnel is where the hiring systems come into play and applications are filtered down to notable submissions.

Embrace The Attitude

Say you work for a sales company and a job application crosses your desk for a salesperson who is exactly what your company needs, but you aren’t hiring. Wouldn’t you seriously consider whether or not to hire this person anyway? Of course you would, because good salespeople are hard to find.

Every position is hard to find so take that attitude towards every hire.

You appreciate your employees as a great asset and you know they will take you to the next threshold. Embrace that attitude for every position, and be in a place where you can hire the best and the brightest.

You want to always be looking, advertising and recruiting. But you also want to control your costs. That’s why we recommend using the various online HR technologies available today and get away from outsourcing to recruiters.

It’s Time To Change How You View Recruiting

As you consider shifting your thinking, remember it’s important to accept that: 

  • In today’s market you have to be proactive in hiring
  • It is hard to find people
  • There aren’t as many skilled workers to choose from
  • The process of finding someone takes longer
  • Giving potential employees a bigger window to apply is beneficial