Rethinking Retail: Why You Won’t Find the Perfect Hire on Paper

While they have long been a standard in the hiring process, resumes do not provide a complete picture of a candidate’s potential. In fact, experience isn’t always a strong indicator of future success.

Successful retail companies are able to both attract and retain talented employees, but doing so is not always a simple task; however, a retail-fit job assessment can make the job much easier.

Although a resume provides a description of prior experience and education, it does very little to convey potential. There are a multitude of hiring tools that can help with the selection process, but a retail fit report is one of the most efficient.

A retail fit report is extremely useful because it is tailored specifically for retail sales positions. While other tests use a multitude of questions that may not relate to the industry, these answers provide employers with only the most valuable information.

Here are a few of the reasons why a retail fit report is the key to successful hiring.

Understand Experience

While it is certainly a meaningful accomplishment, a university degree may not outweigh some of the talent or life experience that a candidate has. A resume will provide a complete picture of academia, but does little to describe an individual’s personality and potential. A career personality test is a more apt way of understanding how well an employee will fit into a role.

Reduce Employee Turnover

A potential hire may seem like the perfect fit on paper, but they may not enjoy their job after a period of time. High turnover rates are common in many retail positions, but they shouldn’t be. Retail screening determines workplace aptitude in a highly personalized way, so that both employer and employee find the perfect fit.

Go Beyond Bias

It is hard not to form an opinion of someone based off of his or her resume, and that opinion is often incorrect. Moreover, first meetings don’t provide deep perspectives on individual personalities or learning aptitudes. Indeed, first impressions can be just as misleading as resumes, and therefore don’t serve as ideal benchmarks. A retail job assessment allows employers to gage a potential hire based on proven, unbiased test results.

Save Time

Sorting through piles of resumes and arranging for an interview is time-consuming. In addition, this lengthy process may allow successful candidates to slip away. Rather than lose a potential hire to another company, it is important to know as soon as possible if an individual is a good fit. A retail-fit report is generated instantly from candidate’s assessment results, and helps employers determine who ought to move on to an interview right away.