Supporting Charity is Good for Business: Why Companies Should Act as an Ally

While it’s important for companies to write large cheques during a moment of emergency, you shouldn’t wait until a disaster happens to show that you care. The most successful businesses are always seeking towards making a positive impact. To them, philanthropic efforts are considered a worthwhile investment rather than a sense of obligation. Statistics also show that a great employer brand can, potentially, reduce turnover by 28% and decrease your cost-per-hire by 50%. Keep in mind that job applicants have the same power as employers when it comes to choosing where they want to apply to or work at, so make sure your business is putting in equivalent effort on building an attractive “résumé” people can engage with.

Prevue Cares Too

Supporting charity is one of the many ways to bedazzle your prospective hires, and of course, to contribute to our community as well. With that thought, Prevue has recently participated in a fundraising campaign called #ClearTheLists, which supports teachers who often spend their own money on purchasing school supplies. Educators from around the world are putting up shopping lists of items ranging from books, stationery to games. As a team, we feel absolutely excited to have partnered with one who teaches students with learning disabilities. If you would like to contribute to this great cause, here’s where you can donate.

The Least You Can Do

We get it though, if you’re a financial manager, how difficult it is to allocate expenses and budgets within your firm. But promoting the welfare of others can be achieved in many ways and in different scales; some requiring no monetary expenses at all – like volunteering. Thanks to the influence of media, heightened social or environmental awareness has encouraged many to step out of their comfort zones and fight for what they care about – whether it’s climate change, diversity, pay equities, the #metoo movement, the list goes on. At those times, the least your company can do is to stand up and act as an ally. For example, you may:

  • Participate in a Pride Parade
  • Join the Women’s March
  • Go clean up the beach
  • Encourage zero-waste movements
  • Volunteer at a food bank

Any form of help is a good one, and there is a lot you can do to support your employees or your community without spending a cent. Knowing how this generation is more likely to favor purpose over paycheque, creating an inclusive environment where they feel valued and enthusiastic is an indispensable responsibility all companies should prioritize. Trust us, it’s good for business.