Technology for Humanity: How Hiring Systems Create a More People-Friendly Work Environment

In the modern age, there is a strong, justifiable fear shared by many that technology may begin (or may have already begun) to take over the workplace. Some even fear that one day, advanced technology could make human beings entirely obsolete for countless professions… but let’s not turn this into an article about the robot apocalypse just yet.

Before we start worrying about Skynet sending Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque robots to wipe out working professionals across the globe, let’s take a look at how technology and software can actually contribute to making work environments more people-friendly through the wonders of pre-employment assessments.

Trust in Testing

It’s easy to view pre-employment testing with skepticism. What can a piece of computer software tell you about a person that you, a human being with eyes and ears, can’t already figure out for yourself, right? But that’s exactly what the purpose of such assessments really is; exploring those grey, uncovered areas that a potential employee may not be quite so willing to reveal.

While it may be a manager’s job to determine who could be the right fit for a role in their company, any individual is capable of misrepresenting themselves, whether purposely or not. Job-fit tools serve to represent a person’s abilities and traits, allowing you to see for yourself if they’re what you’re looking for to fill a particular role.

How Pre-Hire Programs Help People Work Together

For many it may seem like enabling software to delve into the deepest aspects of your personality is a little iffy. Intrusive, even. But, on the contrary, the extra level of insight provided by pre-employment testing creates a much more positive, people-friendly work environment at any company willing to use pre-hire tools. Why? Because simply put, it makes sure that people will work well with one another, and be both suitable for and happy in the position ahead of them.

Without tools such as this, it’s easy to make mistakes in the hiring process. You could accidentally end up with someone working as part of a marketing team who really isn’t a team player, or taking someone on board as a salesperson only to discover they aren’t nearly as competitive as you would have liked them to be. Hiring an employee who is a poor fit, or even toxic to your workforce, can have drastic repercussions. Through the use of pre-hire tools, you can avoid disasters like this entirely, resulting in a more cost-efficient and stress-free workplace.

Ultimately, it comes down to this; you want to be happy where you work and enjoy the people you work with, and pre-employment testing is the perfect way to make this a reality. Software such as this really is the way forwards, and its usefulness for ensuring a more people-friendly atmosphere in the workplace is immeasurable. You can trust me when I tell you this. After all, I’m a human – not a robot. (Isn’t that what a robot would say though?)