The Challenge: The HR team at Specialty’s needed psychometrics assessments that integrated smoothly with their ATS.

The Solution: They now use Prevue’s Taleo-integrated assessments to bring in the best candidates for management.

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About Specialty's

Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery operates over 40 restaurants and employs over 1400 people in California, Washington and Illinois. They supply fresh, handmade baked goods, sandwiches, salads, soups and coffee to cafe customers and business catering clients, and offer online ordering for personal meals and event catering.

Eric Vroman is the Recruitment Manager, Human Resources.

Before Prevue, Specialty’s already knew the importance of pre-employment testing.

The HR team wanted to improve the efficiency of their hiring process, but they were using another assessment product that didn’t integrate with their applicant tracking system, Taleo. The hiring manager had to ask recruiters to manually distribute assessments because it wasn’t possible with the existing ATS.

Specialty’s now has a system that reduces steps in the process.

To centralize their hiring, the team wanted to work with a company whose products were compatible with Taleo. Now, the hiring manager can send assessments themselves within the ATS rather than needing to involve a recruiter. HR Coordinator, Danielle Sallaberry, was happy with the transition: “Working with Prevue is very easy. The customer service is amazing. If I ever had a question, they’d get back to me right away.”

Hiring for management positions is much easier with science-backed assessments.

At Specialty’s, Recruitment Manager Eric Vroman uses Prevue’s suite of assessments to see how potential line managers and GMs might handle stress, how they deal with numbers, and how well they think on their feet. “It’s a good screening tool,” says Eric. “For the most part, if a candidate’s test results are strong, it’s a pretty good indicator of how they’ll perform in a face to face interview.”

Eric typically moves candidates forward if their assessment results deem them a 75% or better fit. The tests have proven highly accurate with predicting behavior. “I think of it less of a test, but more of a matching opportunity. We can see if what we need is what a candidate wants as well.”