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Imagine a world where everything just fits.

Whether you have one employee or 200,000, skill shortage is a real concern. Subjective hiring can subject your company to potential mistakes. Because of this, organizations around the world use Prevue as their strategic hiring partner. A combination of our psychometrics and skills assessments, numerous custom reports, and an extensive team management tool can help you make objective hiring decisions, reduce turnover, and create a better fit for your teams. We believe so strongly in what we do, everyone who works at Prevue took our tests before they were hired. Interviews are like dates: both the employer and candidate are there to sell themselves. To get the truth, our psychometrics assessments uncover personality traits, aptitude, and interests, and let you focus on certain areas that a candidate might not immediately think to talk about. While there’s incredible science behind our assessments, they were designed for hiring from day one. We could go on for days about how accurate and reliable they are, but we think you’ll appreciate how easy they are to use and interpret. No training required.

Our history.

25 years later, we’re still evolving.

Ken Muir founded Prevue HR in 1994 after he found the assessments used for hiring sales employees didn’t meet his expectations. UK-based occupational psychologists, Dr. David Bartram and Dr. Pat Lindley spent several years developing a series of assessments exclusively for Prevue.

Pencils and paper went out the window in 1998 when Prevue moved to computer testing. By 2018, our assessments had been taken over 5 million times online. To keep up with the forever-changing work landscape, we introduced new solutions for hard skills testing and team communication in 2020 so clients could get a start-to-finish experience from hiring to onboarding and management. 

We’ve expanded our on-the-ground presence to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, India and Indonesia. By continuously introducing new products and reports – and updating established ones – Prevue will always be evolving with the workforce.

Our history.

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At Prevue, we know that the right people are the biggest factor of ongoing success in our company. Here, we embrace hard work and team collaboration, all while making sure you have the right tools you need to do your best work. Team culture is just as important to us. We encourage sharing new ideas (whether you are brand new to the team or have been here for 20+ years) and keeping everyone in-the-loop. If this sounds like the right fit, we'd love to learn more about you!

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