‘Getting fit’ isn’t just about the gym anymore.

Finding the best person for the role can be tough. Making sure they stay, even tougher. Prevue’s pre-employment assessments were designed to help you make smarter hiring decisions. They’re easy to use and understand while backed by years of research.

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Prevue Skills

Measure your candidate’s hard skills to see if they are up to the task. A complete screening process should include the evaluation of a candidate’s soft and hard skills. In addition to our assessment suite, Prevue Skills offers knowledge and simulation tests applicable to various industries and roles.

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Applicant Tracking System

Prevue’s APS Pro is an Applicant Tracking System that automates 90% of your hiring process. By marketing your jobs to potential candidates and helping you sort and track top applicants, APS Pro keeps your hiring materials in one place.

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What our clients are saying

  • "We have been using Prevue for about a year now and their assessment tools have been invaluable in our hiring. Their ATS is both thorough and user-friendly, which is sometimes rare in the software world. I also can't express how greatly we appreciate their customer service. They are always quick to respond with confidence and expertise."

    Tisha Woolf - HR Manager, Credit Suite
  • "I am a strong advocate of Prevue and we are now using it as one of our key tools for determining a candidate’s job-fit, as well as adjusting our interview questions for second-round meetings when we are alerted of answers that aren’t in alignment with our expectations. I just got feedback today that we have successfully onboarded several new hires in the last few months, who not only align well with our values and mission, but have also been efficient and began generating revenue in their third week with us!"

    Louis-Philippe Lavoie - Director of People & Culture, Refresh Financial
  • “Prior to Prevue, we were using three different “tests” and now we only use this one. Whether the position is an Administrative Assistant or a Director level, Prevue gives us good information and it’s easy to use. Each Manager likes the Prevue report for different reasons; ease of use, Benchmark Suitability Score, Total Person Description and/or Suggested Interview Questions. The reporting is well rounded and easy to read. I’ve recommended this product to my counter-parts throughout the Washington Transit industry!”

    Jenni Knoll, Spokane Transit, HR Specialist – Employment
  • "I spent a lot of time looking for a company that would deliver good value for money, while being accurate and easy for candidates to complete. Prevue has certainly been that for us. We are using it to help with hiring, professional development, and promotion. It is a great tool for both current and future staff."

    Catherine McEwen - Recruitment Specialist, QE Foodstores