The best retail personality test to reduce turnover.

The better their fit from day one, the longer they stay. Use Prevue’s Retail-Fit reports to reduce turnover in retail sales positions. A personality test with mind-blowing ROI, you’ll save money, time, and sanity.

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Get the retail assessment that’s designed exclusively for you.

Retail-Fit uses a benchmark tailored for retail sales positions. Interview questions come from a pool designed just for this industry, and specifically chosen for each candidate.

Whether you’re opening a new store, starting your seasonal hiring, or looking for a simple way to bring on great staff throughout the year, this test is ready to use right out of the box.

Ask the right questions, get the best answers, and step up your hiring game with this retail assessment.


Easy to Use Reports

Enjoy easy-to-use reports.

We designed Retail-Fit reports to quickly show you if a candidate fits your role. Get to the top applicants first with personality screen results, where red means ‘no’ and green means ‘go’.

If some responses don’t meet your exact requirements, it doesn’t mean the candidate won’t be a fit. This is why we give you candidate-specific interview questions to guide your next conversation. Each question is generated based on candidate responses and make interviews even more useful.

Easy to Use Reports

Reduce Turnover

Reduce turnover in part-time and hourly positions.

You shouldn’t have to expect a high turnover rate with front-line staff. By assessing candidates with the Retail-Fit personality test , you’ll know early on who best fits the role and if they’re likely to stick around.

Every employee deserves top treatment. Hire exceptional retail workers with confidence, accuracy, and reliability. Reduce turnover, starting now!

Reduce Turnover

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