Hire people who actually think their job is cool.

A job should be more than ‘just a paycheck’. Prevue’s Motivations & Interests assessment uncovers candidates’ intrinsic motivation and how likely they are to stick around if they’re hired. This 15-minute test takes less time to complete than a coffee break.

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Find Candidate Interests

See if they like working with people or data.

Your role might call for specific abilities, but proficiency with numbers doesn’t mean that person lives and breathes spreadsheets. People are more effective in jobs that align with their interests.

Does the candidate prefer to interact with people, or work alone? Does analyzing statistics sound like a dream or a nightmare? Do they like working with their hands? If your role is in tune with motivations, they’re more likely to want to achieve their career goals at your organization.

Find Candidate Interests

Simple Reports

Get results that are easy to use.

Our reports are clean, straightforward, and don’t require a trained eye to read. We’ve made a sophisticated process simple.

See how candidates rank on a 10-point scale for Working With People, Working With Data, and Working With Things. Compare these results to your benchmark and find out if the candidate is likely to love the job, or run for the hills.

Simple Reports

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