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Screen-Fit provides instant, pre-employment screening for high volume hiring and reducing turnover. It’s perfect for companies who are overwhelmed with applications or who need to fill a large number of roles with strong hires.

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Hire faster.

See top candidates first.

Set the parameters for your entry-level role. Candidates then take the 10 minute Work Ethic assessment which tests an individuals attitudes towards work and integrity. 

Screen-Fit assesses a candidate’s accountability through 20 questions to generate an easy-to-read screening report. This report is the perfect tool to assist in making informed hiring decisions.

Hire faster.

One-Page Reports

Enjoy clean, intuitive reports.

You’ll know within seconds of viewing a report if an applicant should be interviewed. Once the Work Ethic assessment is complete, the Screen Fit report shows you where candidates fall on a scale of high (good fit), medium (possible fit), or low (doubtful fit).

When you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of applications, you’re going to love having an entire psychometric test summed up in one easy-to-understand page. Let the superstars rise to the top and fall into place.

One-Page Reports

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