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A candidate’s traits, interests, and skills should complement your role like a great tie. To give you the full picture of a candidate, Prevue’s suite of products includes assessments for Aptitude, Motivations & Interests, and Personality.

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Candidate Profile

Hire better, faster.

Get the full picture of a candidate. She may be likeable, but that doesn’t mean she’s a good fit for the job. He may seem solemn, but he may still make a great leader.

Only interview people with potential. These test results will show you their hits and misses. You’ll get custom, targeted interview questions to use if you move the person forward. Spend time on what matters: looking for that diamond (who may be in the rough).

Candidate Profile

Candidate Experience

Give candidates a valuable test experience.

With accessible, short exercises and the option for you to show test-takers their results, the Prevue Suite leaves candidates feeling positive and confident–regardless of the outcome.

A strong employment brand is critical for recruiting star performers. Imagine every applicant, successful or not, becoming an advocate of your company. We help you offer the kind of experience that leaves you and the candidate feeling satisfied.

Candidate Experience

Simple Reports

Enjoy easy-to-read reports.

Capture a candidate’s potential in just a few pages. The reports spell out exactly how to use the information. No training required.

You’ll see where the person lands on extroversion, independence, conscientiousness and stability scales. You’ll quickly find out if it’s worth spending more time with the test-taker, and where they fit (or don’t).

Job-Fit Report

Simple Reports

Job Benchmarking

Customized Job-Fit Benchmarks.

Many assessment products only provide information about the candidate, with no reference to the position for which they are being considered.

We have experts here to help you create customized job-fit profiles, also known as Prevue Benchmarks, to determine whether the abilities, interests, and personality of the candidate match those required for the job.

Get a deeper look at the advantage and process of benchmarking here.

Job Benchmarking

Sample Reports

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