HR Strategy: The Company Vision & The Hiring Process

Often a tense affair for all parties, the hiring process often creates an atmosphere of doubt. The applicant may worry that they won’t like the role, and the employer may worry that the hire isn’t their ideal fit.

In addition, many employers gauge a prospect’s potential based off of their resume alone. For this reason, they are often deeply disappointed. While a resume may paint a complete picture of a candidate’s vocational history, it does little to convey passion and personality.

One way to effectively determine an individual’s unique character traits is by having them complete a psychometric assessment. These tests measure an individual’s mental and behavioural capabilities based off of a set of questions that fit a specific role. Hence, this type of test more accurately depicts an individual’s core strengths and weaknesses than a resume ever could.

Successful teams are driven by personalities, and therefore it is pertinent to know what a team lacks before new people are hired. Moreover, a team must have a well-defined vision that drives them to achieve their goals.

In order to have maintain this vision, it is necessary to have a well-defined vision statement. Not only will this inspire and motivate the existing team, but it serves as a useful tool during the hiring process.

Causes Excitement

If the vision statement doesn’t really excite a team, than it does not serve its purpose. While it is meant to serve as a roadmap for the future, it should also electrify the team. A vision statement is useful when morale is low for this reason – it keeps staff going through the ups and the downs.

Point of Pride

Not only should the vision statement be displayed somewhere with pride, but it should be discussed often. Indeed, it should be brought up in the hiring process, so that employers may gauge how excited the statement makes a potential hire. Having a colleague who lacks enthusiasm won’t benefit anyone, and therefore it helps weed these people out in the pre-employment screening.

Part of the Millennial Movement

Not only will the vision statement drive a team toward a lofty goal, but it will continue to do so for a very long time after. Millennials now comprise the largest generation in the workforce, and they strongly desire work with meaning. In fact, this group feels compelled to work harder for companies with visions they that truly connect to. They want to feel the work that they do makes a difference, or is part of something greater than the daily grind.