Measure Hard Skills with Prevue Skills: Our Newest Simulation Testing Tool

Are you ready to step up your recruiting game? Prevue is excited to announce the launch of our newest hiring tool Prevue Skills. Partnered with SkillCheck, one of the most comprehensive skills test providers, we now offer over five hundred knowledge and simulation tests applicable to various industries or fields, including accounting, clerical office, legal, nursing, retail and more

Tangible Proof of Competency

Job-specific skills contain knowledge and qualifications that are essential for success in a job, making the possession of hard skills an incredible asset to a company. For instance, if you’re in tech, your résumé may contain coding in Java and computer programming. If you’re in accounting, you may need to earn a professional certificate and be able to interpret financial statements. Any applicant on their résumé can easily advertise themselves the way an employer wants them to be. With Prevue Skills, your company will be able to use its test results as tangible proof of knowing a much-needed skill for a role, giving you the information to make hiring decisions wiser than ever.

The Benefits of Simulation Testing

Prevue’s very first hard-skills testing tool can:

  • Help you hire experts in the field who are familiar with the position
  • Save you a great deal of time and cost that usually goes into training a new employee on required skills
  • Provide better understanding on how a candidate may approach a job-specific task
  • Be easily accessible with full support from your designated Prevue Success Manager

Through the integration of Prevue Skills alongside our Prevue assessment suite, we provide the support needed to help your company discover professionals who fit. For more inquiries, contact our success team at [email protected] now!