Is Your New Hire Getting ‘Cold Feet’: Tips For An Effective Pre-boarding Process

Though having the upper hand as an employer gives you the authority to choose who exactly to hire, that sense of privilege disappears the moment your top candidate decides to drop out of the race. Survey shows that nearly one in four candidates have backed out of a job after accepting an offer; mainly due to the fact that an even better one appeared along the way.

What’s Causing The ‘Cold Feet’?

“It’s never fun for an employer to hear that their top candidate no longer wants the position.”David King, Robert Half

Because of how competitive the job market has become lately, organizations strategize in attracting top talents through the perks and experience they provide. Hence, in the case when a candidate is presented two equally desirable options, the feeling of doubt is almost irresistible.

As tempting as it is to point our fingers at those who reneged on their promise, it isn’t entirely fair to put the blame on candidates who merely wanted what’s best for themselves. As workplace demand shifts, keep in mind that applicants hold the same power as employers when it comes to finding job-fit. In other words, candidates are no longer the only ones being evaluated during the hiring process – companies are too.

A Guide on ‘Pre-boarding’

According to the statistics provided by SHRM, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they had a positive onboarding experience. Gaining competitive edge requires efforts beyond a typical onboarding checklist, however. In fact, your onboarding process should begin before your new hire even starts.

Here’s what you should do prior to their first day:

  • Make regular contact with your new hire and establish a communication pipeline
  • Provide them with relevant information, documents, or videos about the company or role to keep them engaged and interested
  • Introduce them to their teammates, managers, or mentors and have them connect beforehand
  • Have them pre-fill any onboarding paperwork in advance
  • Mail them a company swag package to get them excited

Having ‘cold feet’ is alarmingly one of the most common feelings you can experience before starting a new job. Though it isn’t possible to predict exactly how someone feels inside, with the right tools, you can build an experience that will not only encourage your candidates to show up on the first day; but come back on the second.