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Upcoming Elections

The elections are coming up in Canada and regardless of whom you choose to vote, one thing is clear: the candidates are campaigning hard.

From writing up a fiscal plan to show potential spending, to promoting certain key issues that the candidates will focus on tackling once elected, each hopeful is laying out their credentials to prove they can change the state of their country.

Sound familiar? As a hiring manager, you are faced with many resumes and cover letters of hopeful applicants trying to appeal for your vote of confidence.

Similar to political platforms with possibly unfulfilled promises, if you select someone that does not deliver the expected results, it can be detrimental for the business! There is the risk of increasing company cost, decreasing productivity and negatively impacting the existing company culture. Not only are there expenses involved with the disaster-hire, but also the cost of the person in charge of training and the time of the HR department fulfilling the necessary administrative tasks.

We’ve mentioned before how these documents are not the most accurate nor reliable, but how could you verify any of this information? What if it doesn’t turn out the way it’s presented to you?

According to the US Department of Labor, “[t]he practice of using a variety of tests and procedures to more fully assess people is referred to as the whole-person approach to personnel assessment. This will help reduce the number of selection errors made and will boost the effectiveness of your decision making.”

Similarly, the Public Service Commission of Canada employs assessment use and claims “UITs (Unsupervised Internet Tests) are standardized tests designed to manage large volumes of applicants, based on merit. Whether used alone or in combination with other screening criteria (e.g. education and experience), a UIT can yield a manageable number of promising applicants for further assessment.”

At Prevue HR Systems, we provide world-class assessments to help you with any hiring decisions. With Prevue Assessments available in French, German, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch in addition to English, you can expand your reach to a bigger pool of potential candidates, making sure you find the right person for the position.

Beyond just hiring, from assessment results, managers can produce reports for both coaching and succession planning for employee development, increasing the overall skill of the team through targeted training.

Now if only our politicians would take a job-fit assessment…
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In the effort of full disclosure, this is a promotional article highlighting Prevue HR’s services and products.