Prevue Assessments available on ADP Marketplace

We’re thrilled to share exciting news for hiring teams across Canada and the USA! Prevue HR is now available on ADP Marketplace, a digital storefront of HR solutions that integrate with ADP®.  This marks a significant step towards our goal of making Prevue Assessments more accessible and helping companies streamline their hiring workflows.

Pre-Employment Assessments – Better Hiring Decisions

In today’s competitive job market, making informed hiring decisions is crucial. Pre-employment assessments play a pivotal role in providing hiring teams with valuable insights into candidates’ skills, abilities, and cultural fit within an organization. Prevue Assessments go beyond traditional hiring methods, offering a data-driven approach that ensures a better match between candidates and roles.


Prevue Assessments on ADP Marketplace

At Prevue, our mission is to empower businesses to make smarter hiring decisions through innovative pre-employment assessment solutions. We recognize the importance of providing hiring teams with a comprehensive solution and streamlining the hiring process. Being available on ADP Marketplace represents a major step towards achieving this goal. The integration with ADP Workforce Now® allows for easy administration, tracking, and management of assessments, ultimately helping companies save valuable time and resources.

“The launch of Prevue Assessments on the ADP Marketplace represents a big milestone for our team, as we have developed a fully integrated solution with ADP Workforce Now. We are thrilled to provide Prevue to the wide ADP audience and help them take their recruiting efforts to the next level.”

– Ashley Salvador, Chief Operating Officer at Prevue.


Key Benefits of the Integration with ADP

The integration of Prevue Assessments with ADP Workforce Now brings several benefits including:

  1. Simplified Hiring Workflows

    With Prevue Assessments now available directly within the ADP platform, users can seamlessly incorporate pre-employment testing into their hiring workflows without the need to switch between multiple tools or platforms.

  2. Faster, More Informed Decisions

    By leveraging Prevue’s comprehensive assessment data within ADP, teams can make faster and more informed hiring decisions, leading to improved candidate quality and reduced time-to-hire.

  3. Enhanced Candidate Experience

    The integration ensures a smoother and more streamlined experience for candidates, eliminating the need for them to navigate different systems during the application process.

  4. Comprehensive HR Data Accessibility

    ADP users can now consolidate all their HR data, including pre-employment assessment results, within the platform, providing a more comprehensive view of their hiring processes and candidate profiles.

Explore Prevue Assessments’ integration with ADP Workforce Now.

To learn more about how our pre-employment assessments can make a positive impact on your organizations hiring decisions, click here or contact us today!