Prevue HR Integration with Oracle Taleo

Back In The Day

To many of us, it seems as though the Internet has always been there. Watching movies on Netflix, searching on Google, buying knickknacks on Amazon, and applying for jobs through LinkedIn all seem second-nature to most people. But prior to the Internet, people applied for jobs going door to door, and the owner or the store clerk would keep these credentials in a nice box under the counter. At the end of the day, after a long day of work and the customers have all gone home, all these resumes and cover letters would be dumped on the desk and be completely unorganized. The main problem then (apart from sorting) is should there be any missing information, it would be extremely difficult to reach out to the applicant – imagine not having the phone number.

What Is An ATS?

As the Internet became better used, this process became streamlined through the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS for short). To briefly describe it, it’s almost as if an ATS is a self-sorting file cabinet with all the labels in the right place, making the task of organizing and looking for new employees easier. Another added benefit is because ATS often run completely online, you can access all the information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Restrictions can also be set so that all the required information is in place prior to submitting the application.

Now at this point you may think that this is all common sense. I mean, who doesn’t know how to apply online? What was once a revolutionary change in simplifying paperwork for the process of hiring, is now the standard. Nowadays, we can easily find different ATS’ all over the marketplace. To list a few, some of the more popular ATS are SuccessFactors, Workable, Jobvite, iCims and Taleo.

What Is Taleo?

Taleo, owned by Oracle, is the largest and most commonly used applicant tracking system on the market. But why exactly is Taleo the most used system? Historically, Taleo was early to the ATS game (one of the first) and that allowed for their growth and expansion with minimal competitors. Looking at features, Taleo is fully customizable and is scalable. What that means for businesses, is that this ATS suits the business as it is continually growing. It is also an end-to-end HRMS (that’s Human Resource Management System for those of us that don’t speak in acronyms) with many different functions spanning from pre-hire all the way to post-hire performance management. And if that wasn’t feature rich enough, compensation management (essentially payroll) is also part of the program, making not only the hiring manager’s job easier but also that of the Human Resources team with access to everything  in one place.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to Taleo is because they have the largest user base, they also have an extensive library of extensions (or apps) that allow for the customization of their product.

That leads us to the exciting announcement of Prevue HR Systems partnering with Oracle Taleo by integrating Prevue Assessments with new or existing Taleo clients. By adding the extension, you will be able to view Prevue Screen color ratings, view assessment results, as well as invite new candidates to take the assessments, all in one place! That means less time (and hassle) having to transition to a different HRMS/ATS, and quickly finding the right candidate to get the job done right.