Prevue HR Systems Launches the Prevue Screen

describe the imagePrevue HR Systems is pleased to announce the launch of our newest psychometric assessment, the Prevue Screen. Developed to help hiring managers and recruiters as a first step in screening job applicants, especially high-volume entry-level or hourly positions, the Prevue Screen is a cost-effective personality questionnaire that takes less than 10 minutes.

Prevue Screen is the outcome of hundreds of requests from our customers who wanted an inexpensive and quick personality screening tool.  Intended to be used in high volumes, this assessment provides a clear screening indicator of Doubtful, Possible or Good, based on a Prevue Benchmark.

Added as a complementary product, the Prevue Screen is a top-tier personality screening assessment used in conjunction with the world renowned job-fit Prevue Assessments.  Prevue Screen enables hiring managers to see, based on the three screening indicators, if a person should be moved to the next stage of the hiring process.

Using the Prevue Screen saved a lot of time for us during one of our busiest recruits of the season. The screening process helped narrow down top caliber candidates, and as a result, majority of the applicants we interviewed were presented with an offer” says Andrea Brum, Andrew Peller Limited.

Andrew Peller Limited used Prevue APS Pro in conjunction with Prevue Screen.  After inviting all applicants to take the Prevue Screen, only those who were rated as a ‘Good’ fit were invited to an interview session; they hired nearly 90% of those they interviewed.

With the introduction of the Prevue Screen, Prevue HR Systems now offers a full end-to-end, psychometric assessment solution employing a two-pronged approach; the Prevue Screen for applicant screening, and the Prevue Assessments for job-fit testing.

For more information on the Prevue Screen or receive a complimentary demonstration of the new assessment, please click here