Prevue Integration with iSolved

Looking to provide an all-inclusive HR solution, we are happy to announce a new partnership with iSolved HCM for US-based Prevue customers.
With exclusive pricing specifically for Prevue customers, your team can easily bring in additional features, as needed, to complement your existing workflow.

Add iSolved HCM for features such as:

  • Electronic onboarding with e-signature
  • Executive dashboards
  • HR – tracking certifications/skills, emails to alert when certification is expiring
  • Timekeeping and scheduling
  • iSolved GO mobile app
  • Benefit enrollment
  • ACA reporting
  • General ledger export
  • FMLA tracking
  • Multiple-level approvals for workflows

What is iSolved?

iSolved is an HCM (Human Capital Management Software) for US customers designed to bring together payroll, human resources, time tracking and benefits into one unified solution. Fully designed to work in the cloud, iSolved can be customized through the addition of different bundles based on the needs of different companies. Features such as adding compliance, talent acquisition functionality, advanced reporting and analytics, and managed benefits such as COBRA & FSA are available for US customers looking to add more advanced features to their simplicity of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

How To Get Started?

Simple! We’ve already worked with iSolved to work out the technical details so you don’t have to. Additionally, for customers with an ATS that is already integrated with iSolved, this new partnership also brings our Screen-Fit color indicator and Prevue Assessments scores to your dashboard. Contact your Prevue Customer Success Manager to add iSolved HCM features to your overall HR strategy at Prevue’s exclusive customer pricing.