Prevue Teams Up With 321Forms

Here at Prevue HR we are excited to announce our partnership with 321Forms to ensure you have an even smoother, more reliable hiring process. After over two decades of taking the guesswork out of hiring, partnering with 321Forms has given us the means to help you make what comes afterwards just as simple.

321Forms provides HR Onboarding, streamlining the process of onboarding forms through digitalization and removing the paperwork entirely to allow fresh hires to begin their jobs without delay. By utilizing this alongside our own pre-employment testing, the entire hiring process – from beginning to end – has just become a whole lot easier.


The Benefits of 321Forms

  • Provides guidance to ensure all onboarding forms are filled out entirely and correctly
  • The use of e-signatures for employee and employer convenience
  • All online forms can be archived and stored securely for organization and safekeeping
  • Saves a great deal of time that usually goes hand in hand with the onboarding process
  • Designed for use on any device


A Recipe for Success

Through a partnership between Prevue HR and 321Forms, together we provide the tools to improve both your pre-hiring and post-hiring processes. 321Forms is available at a special rate for existing Prevue customers and can be used alongside our assessments, making the whole process of bringing new employees onboard more convenient than ever before.