The Labour Comeback: Meeting New Expectations of the Million Job Seekers

Millions who went jobless during the corona outbreak are making a comeback to the workforce, igniting a new wave of talent whom employers continuously strive to attract. Changes to our workplace are, however, inevitable in the post-pandemic era. This new normal will force businesses to revise their strategies in a way to satisfy new needs. Although a surplus in candidates could mean a higher chance to recruit better and faster, leaders shouldn’t forget that hiring itself is a two-way street. That is to say, the actions you make as a team are also being carefully monitored by job seekers as part of their own ‘screening’ process.

‘Working from Home’ is Here to Stay

The idea of a flexible schedule is highly desired for the exact same reason why work-life balance is so important. Now that we’ve gotten a taste of working from home, this new addiction will, if not already, significantly change how we approach work in the future. With companies like Twitter and Shopify taking the lead on permanent ‘WFH’ structures, research also shows that 74% of companies plan to shift to more remote work post-COVID – a ‘perk’ which many believe will become the new standard of modern workplaces.

Your Values are Valuable to Them

Post-war effects of COVID-19, together with the social issues that are happening right at this moment, have planted new ideals and expectations towards corporates around the world. Sure, pay is important and office perks are essential. Yet what takes the cake, given everything that has happened, lies strictly within the core of a business – its values.

In essence, corporate values are beliefs and principles that drive a company and shape its culture. They help create purpose, improve team cohesion, and build a sense of commitment in the workplace. At this time, an organization who puts its people first and is willing to stand up for causes affecting their community, is far more attractive to job seekers than one with, let’s say, a keg fridge and free pizzas. Knowing how young job seekers are likely to favour purpose over just a paycheque, the meaningful actions one takes as a company are evidence that will give it a greater competitive edge.

Bringing Back Employee Wellness

We’ve all become victims of burnout for dealing with situations we’re awfully unfamiliar of. “There’s going to be residual stress and depression,” says mental health strategist, Mark Henick. When seeking job opportunities, applicants want to know what efforts you’re making to keep employees healthy; they want to know if you care about your people; how you respond to stress and pressure. Employee wellness will once again become a hot topic as we slowly ease back into our regular work routines. But with that said, no – corporate yoga is not going to be enough.

It’s true these changes may have presented themselves in the most unexpected ways, yet all it takes is a bit of understanding and innovation to meet these new standards. With the right strategy and mindset in place, you can set your organization up for success in the long run.