How To Effectively Manage Your Millennial Staff

Recruiting millennial staff is important. Retaining staff once they are hired, is vital. There are a number of ways to reduce employee turnover, such as using nontraditional benefits; however, effective leadership will reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

Provide Consistent Feedback

Although it’s always been pertinent to provide feedback in the workplace, millennials thrive off a great deal of it. They come from a generation where parents, educators, and mentors were deeply involved in their lives. As a result, this generation thrives from consistent and clear direction. Moreover, the age of technology has fostered rapid communication between one another: any thought, question, or problem they are having is easily addressed via text message. Owing to this, millennials prefer to stay updated and informed in the workplace.

Show Appreciation

While all types of feedback are important, millennials who receive recognition tend to work harder. Indeed, those who receive praise from their managers and colleagues are much more motivated. Not only this, but employees who encourage their colleagues, in turn, feel inspired. A workplace that encourages recognition amongst staff fosters a strong sense of morale. As a result, teams are far more productive and team-centric.

Clearly Articulate the “Why”

More than any other group, millennials desire to feel that the work that they do has meaning. In addition, they flourish when they understand what the tasks they perform daily facilitate a larger goal. While it may help to set daily goals, providing a clear concept of a larger company vision is crucial to success. Doing so allows employees to feel that they are doing more than chipping away at menial tasks. As a result, they’ll put more energy into each day and feel inspired to go above and beyond.

Increase Intellectual Stimulation

It’s no secret that repetition is the key to mastery; however, introducing new opportunities for employees to learn and grow is vital to keeping them motivated. Moreover, millennials grew up in a time when technology was rapidly developing. As a result, they are accustomed to change. In addition, they disengage when feeling bored or going through the motions. Owing to this, it is vital to mix up their everyday routine and introduce learning opportunities.

Tap into their Individuality

Millennials grew up in an era of rapidly evolving technology, as well as a focus on the self. Indeed, they thrive in an environment that allows them to tap into their unique strengths. While it may be tempting to focus on a team as a whole, individuals drive successful teams. For this reason, focusing on what each individual brings to a team fosters a stronger dynamic overall.
Of course, certain personalities are better suited to particular roles than others. Consequently, performing a career personality test allows employers to determine who will flourish in their new roles.