Nontraditional Benefits That Millennials Are Seeking

Millennials now constitute the largest demographic in the workplace. As a result, employers must adopt new strategies to attract and retain this generation’s talent. Of course, some traditional benefits still encourage millennials to apply for jobs, such as higher salaries, comprehensive health benefits, and vacation time. With that being said, companies must find innovative new ways to attract top candidates in the competitive job market. Here are a few of the ways that companies can attract millennial talent in nontraditional ways.

Incorporating Pets

Although it may seem unorthodox, allowing employees to bring their pets into work is a huge draw for many people. Indeed, some people use animals to reduce anxiety, while others simply can’t leave their pets alone for too long. Allowing employees to bring in their furry friends may serve as a huge relief for them. Not only will they enjoy having their companionship, but they also don’t have the stress of arranging walks or rushing home to take care of them.

Flexible Schedule

The typical 9-5 workday simply doesn’t work for everyone. While many people flourish under this schedule, others are more productive and happy with a more flexible schedule. What’s more, allowing employees to work remotely may reduce costs. For those looking to travel, stay at home with children, or simply work in a timeframe that aligns with their unique lifestyle, a flexible schedule is an extremely attractive option.

Student Loan Payments

Some employers offer to help pay their employees’ student loans, or even pay for educational programs while they work. With a growing number of young students in debt, this is an extremely attractive benefit to have in the workplace. While some companies are skeptical about hiring recent graduates, candidates with little or no work experience may still be ideal hires. In fact, a psychometric test, which measures a candidate’s behavioural and mental capabilities, gives a much deeper understanding of how well an individual suits a role.

A Positive Impact

Millennials seek to work for employers that have a positive impact on their local communities. In fact, many of them believe it is more important to be part of a positive social movement than to have professional recognition. Indeed, a sense of “why” drives more people in today’s workforce than ever before. Having a clear sense of purpose within a company structure not only attracts top talent, but it also prevents employee burnout down the line.