Human Resource Trends for 2018

Although not completely new concepts, a few areas will take centre stage in human resource trends for 2018. With millennials representing the largest group in the workforce, and artificial intelligence evolving, there are major developments on the horizon this year.

Employee Wellness

With more and more employees facing significant stress and even complete burnout, HR departments are placing a major focus on mental and physical health. While an important topic within the workplace, employee wellness is also a major focus outside of the office. For example, staff are encouraged to fully disengage outside of the office, rather than continuing to check emails or connect with clients. Other offices will incorporate physical activity into the daily schedule, or provide staff with gym memberships.

Nontraditional Benefits

Millennials now comprise the largest demographic in today’s workforce. As a result, companies must find innovative ways to attract this generation’s top talent. Although higher wages and more vacation days are attractive benefits, traditional benefits are not the only ones millennials seek. For example, many millennials carry an intimidating financial burden in the form of large student loans. To help alleviate the stress, many companies offer payment programs to help employees pay down these loans. Other benefits include: allowing pets in the workplace, gym memberships, or a more flexible work schedule.

Artificial Intelligence

While some jobs are being replaced by AI, a number of others are being created. Indeed, AI can expedite and improve a number of tasks and jobs; however, there are still places that it is not ideal. With that in mind, it continues to play an integral role in the hiring process. For example, innovative software allows employers to rely on algorithms for some of the hiring process. Also, an applicant tracking system is able to collect and organize hr documents efficiently and accurately, which expedites the hiring process.


Diversity, now more than ever, is a major focus in human resources. Companies are realizing that they won’t grow if they continue to hire from a shallow pool. Indeed, the days of hiring for ‘cultural fit’ alone are long gone. Now, companies seek those that bring an authentic and valuable perspective to the table; they realize that growth requires a unique contribution.

Of course, companies continue to utilize hiring tools over other traditional hiring methods. For example, a Prevue Job-Fit Assessment allows managers to be better equipped for interviews and have a more complete picture of their candidates. Moreover, first impressions are deceiving and often result in bad hires. In contrast, these tests are measured against position-specific benchmarks to ensure that the most ideal fits are chosen.