Leadership May Be Inspired, But Not Trained

Developing leaders is extremely important. Indeed, the price of failed leadership is a failed company.

In order to prevent such failure, companies must strive to hire the best leaders possible, and to assist them in reaching their fullest potential.

So, what can founders and CEOs do to ensure that they do this?

A strategy for hiring top individuals with potential is the key to finding strong leaders. From this point, these hires will grow and inspire the people that they work with.

Here are some key strategies to keep in mind when hiring leaders and inspiring teams.

Provide Them With A Clear Vision

A strong vision is necessary for the success of a company. Likewise, leaders need a vision for themselves. Each member of a team has a role to play, and they need to know exactly what that role is and why it is important. When a leader is uninspired, the rest of the team won’t succeed.

One of the special qualities of strong leaders is that they are able to see the big picture at all times. For example, if an employee makes a mistake, they are able to judge the occurrence based on context. Rather than writing off an individual, they are able to keep that person’s character in mind, and what they mean to the team. Moreover, they are able to learn from these mistakes, thus utilizing the knowledge for further growth and development.

Use Hiring Tools

Of course, not even the brightest vision has much of an effect on development if it is wasted on individuals who aren’t suited for their roles. While hiring the right employees is important, hiring the best leaders is crucial. Even the best employees crumble under poor management, and therefore selecting the strong leaders is of the utmost importance.

A psychometric test, which measures an individual’s mental capabilities and behavioural style, determines who makes a natural fit for a role. Indeed, pre-employment screening is necessary for selecting personalities that will actually flourish in an environment. While a resume or in person interview may give some indication of how well an individual will perform, it does not paint a complete picture of potential.

Hire Inspirational People

Although it may seem obvious that leaders should inspire their teams, a surprising number of them do not. In fact, a vast number of companies hire leaders based on expertise or past success, but not on their personalities or potential. A true leader is much more than an expert: they are a guide. That is to say, strong leaders guide teams to success. While someone may be extremely well versed in a subject, they may be able to inspire those skills in others. A psychometric assessment will help determine whether someone has an aptitude