Prevue HR President & CEO Appointment Notice

Prevue HR Systems is proud to announce that Michael Campanella has been appointed to President and CEO, taking over responsibility for Prevue’s diverse hiring technology product offering.

Mr. Campanella has over eight years of experience with Prevue HR as Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Since joining Prevue HR, Mike has diversified the company’s offering to become a full-service hiring technology firm, from the single offering that had been the previous focus.  Mike’s perseverance and foresight has allowed Prevue HR to achieve unprecedented growth during his tenure.

“We welcome Michael Campanella and wish him every success in his new role. We are extremely pleased to have such an experienced and passionate leader.” – Ken Muir, Founder of Prevue HR Systems.

Prevue HR provides organizations with tools to make the best hiring decisions through their Job Description Builder, Prevue APS Pro and Prevue Assessments.  Job Description Builder utilizes a database of over 12,000 unique job titles that produce tailored job descriptions, job-specific interview questions and psychological profiles (Prevue Benchmarks); ensuring companies can easily follow best-practice for defining and advertising job positions.  Prevue APS Pro allows users to easily post jobs, collect and sort screened applicants, and provide ongoing communication to candidates with just one click of the mouse. Prevue Assessments measures an individual’s ‘Job-Fit’ by comparing their answers to custom Prevue Benchmarks; this provides insightful information that cannot be collected through traditional interviews.  With over 4.5+ million tested to date, Prevue Assessments are used worldwide in 8 languages and recognized as a top-tier psychometric tool.