Why Retail Managers Make the Best Hires

Many companies search for candidates that have experience solely within a specific industry.

It makes sense – hire individuals who thoroughly understand their field, and they will deliver quick results. These candidates are often seen as experienced, confident, and prepared. In short, they are seen as qualified.

But are these candidates ideal?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, many would say that they are not necessarily the best hires. Indeed, there is a compelling argument for hiring for personality and then training for skill.

In fact, some of the best hires come from industries outside of the role that they apply for. Skills are transferable, and, more importantly, attitude goes a long way. Moreover, some jobs prepare people for roles outside of the ones that they currently occupy. These roles may give them the competitive edge.

Retail managers are some of the best hires for a number of jobs on the market. Not only are these candidates hard workers, but they bring a many desirable skills to the table.

Here are some of the top reasons why a retail manager is an ideal hire.

Strong Work Ethic

Some jobs don’t require employees to physically roll up their sleeves. In retail, however, this is simply not the case. Not only will retail managers put in effort, but they are likely to go above and beyond the call of duty. Their retail roles may have included long hours, manual labour, and intensive training.

Adept Salespeople

Even if the position isn’t a sales role, sales experience is beneficial for a number of reasons. For example, they are excellent at sales, that much is obvious; however, sales doesn’t only apply to products. Salespeople are adept communicators, persuaders, and problem solvers. Sales is an art, and those who practice it with ease are skilled in many areas that reach far beyond the sales experience.

Team Players

Retail stores fall apart without strong, cohesive teams at their core. Not only do retail managers have to manage employees within their stores, but they may communicate with multiple managers in their areas, as well. In addition, these individuals often balance strict protocol with human empathy and encouragement. They have to find creative ways to inspire retail staff to give their best efforts.

Emotional Intelligence

Dealing directly with the public on a day-to-day basis grows emotional intelligence. While not all retail managers develop to the same level, the experience usually makes people better at handling difficult situations. Moreover, it makes them incredibly independent; they are able to make sound decisions based on experience.

With this in mind, performing a pre-employment screening ensures an individual has the most potential to perform in a role. Performing a psychometric assessment determines what mental and behavioral characteristics an individual possesses, and how well these qualities align with an available position.