Returning to the Office: A Message from the CEO of Prevue

Hello all,

Following the guidelines of our local government, our team at Prevue is preparing for a careful and partial return to the office starting June.

As the CEO of the company, I am in truth still anxious to see where this new normal will take us in the future. But the growth and dedication I have witnessed in our employees during this time have given me the reassurance and motivation to become an even better leader and partner to our clients. Hence, moving forward, the health and safety of our team members will remain a priority, as with delivering high-quality service to our customers.

In this month, we will operate with both an office and a remote team – providing our employees the choice to resume work at the office whenever they feel ready, while encouraging those who take public transit to continue working from home for the time being. At the office, Prevue is enforcing strict protocols aligned with the government’s recommendations, including but not limited to distanced work stations, temperature screening, daily office sterilization, and the provision of masks and sanitizers.

Prevue’s Return-to-Office Plan

In keeping with being transparent and sharing updates with our HR community, I will also be actively communicating with our team and clients to better understand everyone’s concerns and needs. Here’s a more detailed example of what we will be doing internally as an action plan:

  • All staff will be returning to 100% hours.
  • If you show any symptoms of sickness, you are to stay home.
  • You must bring your laptop home with you every evening.
  • Wash your hands upon entering the office for at least 20 seconds, this includes after washing your hands in the restroom. Dry your hands with paper towel, not with a shared towel.
  • Temperature screening will take place with a temperature gun every morning.
  • The office will be fully equipped with masks and sanitizer.
  • We have arranged for a specialized cleaning crew to come into the office and do a full deep-clean/sterilization. These specialized cleanings will be ongoing for the foreseeable future.
  • We will continue our 8:30am meetings to make sure that our office and remote teams are on the same page.

Please reach out to us at any time if there is anything you think we can be doing more. On behalf of the team at Prevue, we wish everyone a safe return soon.

Take Care,
Mike Campanella, CEO of Prevue