Understanding Team Dynamics: Why Team-Fit is Essential for Success

Hiring is much easier said than done. Long gone are the days when people only worked to sustain a living. Even as a recruiter, because of today’s workplace demands, you’re also shifting from looking solely at a candidate’s skills to how well that person would thrive in your team.

Being a strong fit for a role includes being compatible with the people you will be working withMore and more organizations, especially big tech firms like Google and Facebook, like to endorse their ‘fun’ culture as a way to broaden their appeal. While hiring for ‘culture fit’ is what I would consider a new trend in HR, finding the right person who is a good fit culturally shouldn’t be mistaken as someone you’d like to mingle or grab a beer with. After all, if someone doesn’t work well within a group for 40 hours a week, an hour or two of shared leisure outside of work wouldn’t change much of that.

The Meaning of Diversity

“Making great hires is about recognizing great matches – and often they’re not what you’d expect.”Harvard Business Review

The risks of hiring often come from our very own preconceptions, which doesn’t help that most of us tend to be attracted to those who are similar to ourselves. A good hiring strategy should look beyond one’s appearances and abilities, while embracing the possibility of having different personality types within a team.

In other words, no matter how much you try to mold your team to your own liking, every individual you hire is bound to be different in some ways. Despite the diverse personalities within a workplace, people with all sorts of temperaments can still be great at getting the job done. Being a leader, as important as it is to place the right people in the right positions, it is also necessary to recognize the benefits of building a culture that celebrates individuality as well.

Hiring for Team-Fit

86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communication for workplace failures. Even with the best of talents, success won’t build itself unless nurtured the right way with the right people. Prevue’s Team-Fit aims to help teams of any size to identify areas of potential conflicts, as well as to bring personality insights to each member so they know how they work best with one another.

You may be a Chameleon who is generally flexible and tends to ‘go with the flow’; a Detailer who is focused on tasks; or you could be a Maverick who is outgoing and competitive by nature. Our tool is designed to acknowledge each individual’s strengths while analyzing ways to achieve the best outcome through shared potentials.

In today’s collaborative workplace, a healthy culture of teamwork and collaboration is fundamental for success. Since you’re here, we may have the perfect tool to help you with that.